About Me

Hi there,

nice to meet you!

I am an artist from Germany, based in Hamburg. On my instagram @the_jvlietta as well as here on my website thejvlietta.art I share my work.

I hope you enjoy it.

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” The Jvlietta, born in 1991, is an artist from Hamburg.
Coming from interior design, she has an understanding of composition, colors and proportionality, which is reflected in her paintings. 
Powerful color contrasts and different degrees of abstraction and detail are the hallmarks of her work.
Her favorite medium is acrylic on canvas, paper or cardboard, but her repertoire also includes digitally created works as fine art prints.
What moves The Jvlietta (and all of us) is the people themselves – our role in society, our identity, our past, our future, social injustice, racism, love, the people we share our lives with.
Therefore, the preferred subject is the human being, especially portraits. It is important to her to trigger an emotion and to create a connection between the artwork and the viewer – a memory of a known person, sadness, happiness, strength, weakness, reproach, gratitude, identification …”